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Plain English Speaking Award

About the Competition

PESA is a public-speaking competition open to students aged 15-18 years throughout Australia. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to build self-confidence and extend their skills in oral communication, speech writing and research. It aims to encourage and maintain the best use of clear and effective spoken English.

“Participating in the Plain English Speaking Award was easily the best decision I made in High School. It’s an unforgettable opportunity that isn’t offered anywhere else, supported by some amazing volunteers, and I can’t recommend it enough. It has helped me develop my ability to stand in front of an audience and clearly express what I wanted to say, something I was considerably bad at when I first started. But, since leaving high school, I have had to stand up and present more times than I can remember, including at a conference for students within the Space Industry, and thanks to PESA, they’ve all been successful.’’


Winner of 2015, PESA

2022 Competition Dates

Close of entries –  7th May 2022


Wednesday 18th May, Legacy House 102 Franklin Street Adelaide, 4.30pm
Thursday 19th May, Legacy House, 102 Franklin Street, Adelaide, 4.30pm
Friday 20th May, Legacy House, 102 Franklin Street, Adelaide, 5.30pm
Saturday 21st May,  Legacy House, 102 Franklin Street, Adelaide, 10.00am

Semi Finals

Saturday 18th June or Sunday 19th June


Friday 5th August 

PESA Registrations 2022 Live!

Enter here (do jotform there) for PESA South Australian heats. Entries will remain open until  7th May, so get in now before heats fill up!

Competition Rules

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Tips for Entrants

 Looking for some advice on writing your speech, preparing for the heats? Want to know what the adjudicators are searching for? Click the button below to see a collection of advice on getting the most out of your time on the stage!

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